What is the Geopolitical Rooster?

I woke up a few days ago and heard a news story about something I happen to know a lot about.  I was disgusted at how facts were distorted to leave the listener with no option but to come away feeling a certain way that would advance a political position.  Why?  Two reasons.

First, because most of us are thoughtful and concerned.  Thoughtful and concerned people, usually want to do what is right.  Being moved by something directs thoughtful and concerened people into action.

Second, our news is sent to us through a filtration process that leave us with half-truths.  While the right-wing and the left-wing spout manipulated statistics, most of us, armed with all the facts, would land somewhere in the middle.  I don’t mean to say we’d agree on everything – just that we could probably come up with a happy medium.  Instead we are swayed by these half truths, and power sways back and forth, from the far left to the far right and back again. 

The Geopolitical Rooster is a place for rational thinkers to discuss world events in a non-sensaionalistic, non-right-wing, or leftwing environment. 

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