Michael Savage Needs a Lesson in Diplomacy

Learning what doesn’t work.  Politics are despicably misleading.  Media is despicably biased. But polical media is about as bad as it gets.  People out to “rally the base” and in it for the ad revenues.  Does it get any less reliable?  Someone, feel free to stop me – but is there really any rational way to compare Imus’ firing to Nazi Germany?   I’m just not sure throwing the history of Nazi Germany into the same league makes any sense.   And Savage compares a lot of people to Hitler – and a lot of situations to Nazi Germany.  Don’t get on my case for picking on the “Right”.  I have a lot to say abot the likes of Robert Reiche as well.  Please climb aboard the reality that in politics and media, the truth usually lies somewhere outside of the far right and the far left…..somewhere in the middle.


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  1. Savage is a cheerleader for the extreme right. His talk is extremely polarizing because it is loaded with ad hominems and therefore the opposite of diplomacy.

    Allow me to bring a libertarian perspective into this. There is an additional plane that needs to be considered besides the horizontal plane of right vs. left. The vertical plane of Statism vs. liberty should also be considered. I think that each side, right and left, can easily throw the Nazi smear at the other and sometimes it is for good reason, but still way over used.

    I think the media tends to take the middle between the two extremes, however they lean towards a larger state or more government vs. individual liberty or less government. What do you think?

  2. Patrick, I appreciate the comments. Regarding the media – my main point isn’t so much with media being right or left – though individuals do have opinions and our major news sources are guilty of reporting opinions instead of fact. My point was more about reporting for ad revenues. The objective is not one of reporting the news, but rather about keeping us interested. The result is sensationalism. Sensationalism misleads the viewer, listener or reader – and in some cases, completely misinforms them. See my previous post – “Mainstream Media Is Not Our Friend”.

    I’d be interested in hearing more about Statism vs. Liberty. While I tend to be moderate, I worry about the ramifications of NOT taking a position. Am I off here?

  3. Just jumping in the middle of things here, but, the middle, to be effective, would indicate the opposing sides would have to reasonably reach a compromise wouldn’t it? A middle ground? Is there representation for a “middle”? Not that I’m aware of.

    I think with the drastic differences between right/left – statism/liberty you have to choose a side, and it baffles me to no end that so many are confused into a leftist mind set….

    I wish we could annex the entire west coast and let them live for 5 years as a socialist state. We could set up lawn chairs and bar-b-ques at the border and watch the collapse, point, laugh and then tell the left, there! Didn’t work did it, now sit down and shut up!

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