Welcome Back! The World Needs Me…..

So I have been away for a shameful period of time.  I have been busy and content – a bad combination for a blogger.  Busy, because that’s how life goes with three kids.  Content, because I liked both of our presidential candidates and have been excited by the possibilities.  I thought, for the first time – we are actually going to have to presidential candidates that say what they mean – no twisted, half-truths designed to rally the base.  The American people asked for this.

Now – it is clear we are dealing with half-truths again.  Obama pointing out that McCain’s cheif economic architect pushed for the legislation that left the derivitve markets unregulated.  Only after the speech did we learn that two of Obama’s economy guru’s were also behind that same legislation.  Last night at the debate, McCain pointing out that Obama voted against legislation supporting deployed troops, only to find out that actually he would not support the legislation because it did not include language for troop withdrawal.  We also found out that McCain voted against legislation that supported our troops, but did include a timetable for troop withdrawal.  So apparently neither suports deployed troops?

It’s dissappointing to say the least.