People From Europe are Babies

Ok. Hopefully, I got your attention. So now let’s set the record straight. Most people from Europe are good people, and don’t act like little babies. But let me say this. The people in the news protesting the retirement age being moved from 60 to 62 are laughable. Get off your lazy ass. You probably think 40 hours a week is too much too.

And the kids who think the rest of England owes them subsidized college education need a reality check. Nobody owes you anything, and 14k per year is ridiculously inexpensive. Go study and get a good job and let the people who protect your whiney asses, protect your whiney asses. And leave the worlds oldest prince alone, too.

Sorry for the negativity – I’m not feeling very PC.  Bring it on.


Revenge Punishments – Good Idea?

Today I read the story of a young woman in Pakistan, who refused the marriage proposal of her cousin. A month and a half later, he and four of his brothers cut off her nose and ear so that no one else would want to marry her. 3 of the five have been caught and so far, two have been convicted. Their punishment is life imprisonment – and the same mutilation as they inflicted on this young woman. CNN reported the story, and also invited readers to discuss whether or not revenge punishments “worked”.

What does that even mean?  I’m guessing that if your violent crime is premeditated murder that the revenge punishment might be execution.  Based on historical accounts, I’d say that it works.  There are plenty of executed people in world history.

Not surprisingly, responses were varied and inevitably got way off target with people eventually debating whether people in Pakistan are barbaric – and then, of course, how barbaric we are right here in the USA.  “How can we try to attain world peace with such eye-for-an-eye tactics?” asked one respondent.  Ok – focus people. This is not about Pakistan vs. the USA. This is about revenge punishments – which they allow in some places, but not in Westernized nations. I don’t really care about the debate on whether revenge punishment works as a deterrent or not. To me, it’s not just about deterring future crimes (although I don’t believe dead people have as good odds of killing again as living people do). We spend far too much time as a society, worrying about how we treat the most vile people on the planet. I would argue that we have a much better chance of the society and world condition that we all dream of, with the elimination of of those who commit the worst violent crimes. Take Mike Huckabee’s pardon of the young man who had ALREADY BEEN CONVICTED AND SENTENCED for rape in murder. Because he was let out, he had the opportunity to murder four police officers on their coffee break. Don’t you wish he hadn’t done that? Here is a great example of a situation where an “eye-for-an-eye” punishment would have worked much, much better.

Stop being soft on the worlds sickest people. Sometimes baseball bat justice would not only feel better, but it  would also work better.

Welcome Back! The World Needs Me…..

So I have been away for a shameful period of time.  I have been busy and content – a bad combination for a blogger.  Busy, because that’s how life goes with three kids.  Content, because I liked both of our presidential candidates and have been excited by the possibilities.  I thought, for the first time – we are actually going to have to presidential candidates that say what they mean – no twisted, half-truths designed to rally the base.  The American people asked for this.

Now – it is clear we are dealing with half-truths again.  Obama pointing out that McCain’s cheif economic architect pushed for the legislation that left the derivitve markets unregulated.  Only after the speech did we learn that two of Obama’s economy guru’s were also behind that same legislation.  Last night at the debate, McCain pointing out that Obama voted against legislation supporting deployed troops, only to find out that actually he would not support the legislation because it did not include language for troop withdrawal.  We also found out that McCain voted against legislation that supported our troops, but did include a timetable for troop withdrawal.  So apparently neither suports deployed troops?

It’s dissappointing to say the least.

Political Rhetoric is Bothersome

 Make big oil fund alternative energy research

“The other day the oil companies reported the highest profits in the history of the world. I want to take those profits and I want to put them into a strategic energy fund that will begin to find alternative smart energy, alternatives and technologies that will begin to actually move us toward the direction of independence!”

Hilary Clinton – Source: Speech at Democratic National Committee winter meeting Feb 2, 2007  

What?  I want to take those profits???? Oh, do you? 

I have blogged before about how media puts a sensationalistic spin on our news.  Not picking sides – it’s most every news network.  The fundamental flaw of course is that news is a business and selling it is more important than keeping it to the facts.  I once heard a reporter sum it up best on NPR.  He said, and I’m paraphrasing, “Facts are expensive – opinions are cheap.”  And of course the other half of that – the reliance of our news on advertisers, who pay for viewers.  So it really comes down to how to keep us watching.

 But what about politicians?  In order to pursuade voters, they spin things to support an agenda.  Spinning is bad.  I’m all for being passionate, or full of conviction, but I long for the day when we elect people who don’t do it.  Sorry to pick on  Hilary.  I promise I’ll pick on someone else later, but the above quote and her other comments on “big oil”, drive me nuts. 

First, why are we trying to convince people that corporations should not make big profits?  These are businesses, owned by millions of shareholdes (including you, in your 401k).  What business does not try to maximize profits? 

Second, has anyone heard of OPEC?  Don’t they control prices?

Third, sell your Expedition.

Fourth, New York State makes almost 3 times as much as the oil companies, per gallon of gasoline.  Yes, Hilary’s state – and Schumers.  His position is the same as hers.  What are they doing with their big profits?  The federal government makes 1.5 x as much as the oil companies per gallon of gasoline.

 Game, Set, Match.

Be careful of rhetoric.  It’s easy to believe it, but we really need to think about what people are really saying.

What is the Geopolitical Rooster?

I woke up a few days ago and heard a news story about something I happen to know a lot about.  I was disgusted at how facts were distorted to leave the listener with no option but to come away feeling a certain way that would advance a political position.  Why?  Two reasons.

First, because most of us are thoughtful and concerned.  Thoughtful and concerned people, usually want to do what is right.  Being moved by something directs thoughtful and concerened people into action.

Second, our news is sent to us through a filtration process that leave us with half-truths.  While the right-wing and the left-wing spout manipulated statistics, most of us, armed with all the facts, would land somewhere in the middle.  I don’t mean to say we’d agree on everything – just that we could probably come up with a happy medium.  Instead we are swayed by these half truths, and power sways back and forth, from the far left to the far right and back again. 

The Geopolitical Rooster is a place for rational thinkers to discuss world events in a non-sensaionalistic, non-right-wing, or leftwing environment. 

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