Michael Savage Needs a Lesson in Diplomacy

Learning what doesn’t work.  Politics are despicably misleading.  Media is despicably biased. But polical media is about as bad as it gets.  People out to “rally the base” and in it for the ad revenues.  Does it get any less reliable?  Someone, feel free to stop me – but is there really any rational way to compare Imus’ firing to Nazi Germany?   I’m just not sure throwing the history of Nazi Germany into the same league makes any sense.   And Savage compares a lot of people to Hitler – and a lot of situations to Nazi Germany.  Don’t get on my case for picking on the “Right”.  I have a lot to say abot the likes of Robert Reiche as well.  Please climb aboard the reality that in politics and media, the truth usually lies somewhere outside of the far right and the far left…..somewhere in the middle.